Pavage Centre Sud du Québec

Pavage Centre Sud du Québec founded in 1996 in Thetford Mines in partnership with Renald Leclerc produces and applies asphalt mixes in the commercial, industrial and public sectors. Its earthwork experience and skills have been put to work on a large part of the road system in the Central Quebec region.

Having expanded its operations over the years, the company now has facilities that include two asphalt production plants, a crushed rock quarry and high capacity silos. Its primary asphalt plant is equipped with a control tower and leading edge equipment.

Pavage Centre Sud du Québec also has the capacity to produce high quality components, such as crushed rock, fine aggregate, coarse aggregate, bitumen aggregate mixes, and asphalt concrete, for surfacing and paving materials.

Pavage Centre Sud du Québec works on job sites with its high performance equipment and machinery operated by seasoned professionals.

In the commercial sector, Pavage Centre Sud du Québec has the capacity to undertake the following projects:

  • Parking garages
  • Mall parking areas
  • Grading and reloading aggregate materials
  • Asphalt parking lots
  • Recycled asphalt parking areas

In the industrial sector, Pavage Centre Sud du Québec undertakes:

  • Road construction projects
  • Parking lot projects

In the public sector, Pavage Centre Sud du Québec provides servcies that involve:

  • Streets and roads
  • Bike paths
  • Race tracks
  • Recycled asphalt paving

To operate successfully and ensure client satisfaction, the company obtained ISO 9001:2008 certification. It is also a member of the Association québécoise du transport et des routes and the Association des constructeurs de routes et de grands travaux du Québec.