Headrace structure and work in northern sector of Eastmain 1-A Sarcelle-Rupert project (dikes and dams)
  • Construction of dam on Lemare River and dikes LR-29 to LR-42, including coffer dams, temporary bypass canals, drainage ditches, bentonite concrete walls for dikes LR-and LR-42, excavation of transfer tunnel headrace and concreting for the Lemare structure and the entry to the transfer tunnel
  • Construction of Lemare River diversion, as well as the access road to the transfer tunnel between PM 7+500 and dike LR-31 (7.5 km). This work involved more than 1,500,000 m³ of selected materials
  • Complex concrete structure
  • Work site with 300 employees
  • Grout curtain in bedrock
  • Dikes with bentonite concrete trenches
  • Pristine area (clearing required)
  • Work site located far from service centres
  • Round-the-clock operations
  • Logistics
  • Performance-driven context