March 9 2012

Entreprises Marchand & Frères inc. acquired a majority interest in Blais & Langlois inc. of Matagami, the largest general contractor in northern Quebec

In Val-d’Or in March this year, the Marchand brothers, Yves, Jean and Jacques, who are well known in the industry for their civil engineering expertise, acquired a majority of the shares in Matagami general contracting firm BLAIS & LANGLOIS INC.

Since its inception in 1961, BLAIS & LANGLOIS INC. has become the largest firm of general contractors specialized in civil engineering in the Northern Quebec and James Bay area. The firm was involved in the construction of hydroelectric infrastructure in Northern Quebec, the opening of the James Bay territory, in addition to completing a number of large-scale mining projects in the area. BLAIS & LANGLOIS INC. has as a result built up one of the largest pools of expertise in Northern Quebec.

The Marchand brothers, who run LES EXCAVATIONS MARCHAND & FILS INC., intend to combine their skills and production capacity with a view to delivering the full range of civil engineering services required to develop the Plan Nord. By joining forces with BLAIS & LANGLOIS INC., LES EXCAVATIONS MARCHAND & FILS INC. will provide major Plan Nord clients, i.e., the Quebec Ministry of Transportation, Hydro-Québec, mining companies and Northern Quebec municipalities, with the expert services required for large-scale projects.