Transportation, Logistics and Transhipment

In 2002, owing to Bécancour’s considerable economic potential, Les Excavations Marchand & fils took the decision to set up a division in the area. In addition to civil engineering works, the focus of the division is providing warehousing, handling and transportation services and servicing the companies in the industrial park.

Included among the Bécancour facilities are:

  • A rail line connected to the Canadian National rail system
  • An unloading pit for bulk materials
  • Covered unheated warehouses
  • A heated covered warehouse
  • An open storage area
  • A 100 metric ton (220,000 lb) truck scale

EMF has the capacity to provide custom transhipment services tailored to your specific requirements.

Opting for our transport logistics, warehousing, handling and transportation services you will lower your operating and labour costs.

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