National, provincial, municipal and urban road infrastructure

Road works are one of our company’s main business sectors. Our focus from the outset has been on strengthening and diversifying our expertise in this field.

For almost 40 years we have carried out projects for a range of municipalities, demonstrating that our multi-disciplinary team has the capacity to deliver on complex road infrastructure projects.

EMF has a competitive edge in the industry because EMF managers and work teams are quality driven. The quality of our work is in fact visible in both the small-scale work we do involving the construction of curbs and sidewalks as well as our large-scale work such as highway paving or treatment plant construction.

We use high-performance equipment and machinery and apply safe and rigorous construction methods that we continue to improve, an approach that allows us to satisfy our most demanding clients.

Major clients for national, provincial, municipal and urban road infrastructure turn to us for highly specialized work including:

  • Paving national, provincial, municipal and urban roads
  • Installing underground pipes
  • Installing stormwater and sanitary sewers
  • Installing water supply systems
  • Building and repairing pavement systems
  • Building curbs and sidewalks
  • Building pumping stations
  • Building treatment plants
  • Building industrial wastewater collection systems
  • Building control structures
  • Building service buildings

To learn more about our national, provincial, municipal and urban road infrastructure work, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit our Projects page.