Mine and Industrial Sites

EMF has an excellent reputation among mining operators and large industrial groups for listening carefully to our their needs, continuously renewing our working methods, meeting established timelines and, most important, making a point of never compromising on security and quality.

Whatever the project. Whatever the complexity. Our priority holds fast: to put our expertise to work for our clients delivering solutions tailored to their ever changing civil engineering requirements.

Playing in the big leagues, cleanly

Our company's success is also tied to our ongoing efforts to build environmental protection into our production and business processes. EMF sees this as our duty toward future generations. The members of our team are hugely proud to belong to a company that has for years contributed to preserving a cleaner and more viable environment.

Large mining and industrial clients turn to us to deliver specialized work including:

  • Startup and stripping of mine sites
  • Open pit excavation
  • Mining, drilling, blasting, loading and transportation operations
  • Earthwork for large-scale industrial projects
  • Maritime work
  • Dike and dam construction
  • Stream diversion work
  • Water supply system work
  • Rock crushing
  • Consolidation work
  • Tailings pond construction
  • Tailings line construction
  • Access road and highway construction
  • Environmental projects

To learn more about our mining services, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit our Projects page.