Construction of Interquisa Canada petrochemical plant
  • Installation of underground piping for water supply, fire protection water supply, raw water, sanitary sewer, stormwater sewer, oily water drain, chemical wastewater drain and natural gas systems
  • Total installation of ± 10,000 m of piping over a distance of about 3,600 m of trenches.
  • Grading and shaping of fill around buildings
  • Landscaping and paving of roads and site parking area
  • Road and parking area lighting system
  • Connection of grounding system between buildings
  • Compliance with schedules
  • Planning and coordinating work in terms of various industrial site constraints
  • Considerable number of different types (diameters) of pipes in the same trench
  • Coordinating suppliers
  • Difficult working conditions owing to limited on-site space