A team that’s ready to move mountains

At Excavations Marchand & fils (EMF), we know that the quality of the goods and services we provide is directly related to the skill, dedication and enthusiasm of a solid, well-trained and properly managed team.

If we excel today nationally and have rapidly transitioned into both the private (mining, industrial and commercial companies) and public sectors (Hydro-Québec, the James Bay Energy Corporation, Ministry of Transportation, municipalities and other organizations), it is because we know how to rally our troupes around specific and ambitious objectives. We achieve efficiency, performance and continuous improvement objectives together, because the focus for every company member is to do better, indeed be better, day in, day out.

We employ 150 individuals who are specialists in their respective fields. This figure rises to over 300 during peak periods. Our multidisciplinary team of talented employees, some of whom have been with the company for more than 20 years, is what allows EMF to be a reliable partner for clients.

Our outstanding team is directed by Jean, Jacques, Hugues, Guillaume and Jean-François Marchand.

As a family-run business, EMF makes every effort to foster a sense of belonging along with a drive to succeed among team members from the very outset. The result is motivated, responsible, engaged employees who continually strive to deliver outstanding service and products, always with a smile.

We place great value on training at EMF. As a priority, training fits in perfectly with the rapidly evolving construction industry. Our team members receive training every year in a range of fields including health and safety, 3D modelling software, civil engineering design software, surveying systems, mechanics, languages and project management. With this focus on training, we have stayed one step ahead of the competition in large-scale civil engineering works.

We are in addition proactive when it comes to safety in the workplace and we encourage all our employees to strictly observe safety standards in place.