Les Excavations Marchand & fils tackles large-scale projects throughout Quebec

Since 1974, Les Excavations Marchand & fils has been a preferred civil engineering supplier for major private sector mining, industrial and commercial companies, as well as public sector organizations such as Hydro-Québec, the James Bay Energy Corporation, the Ministry of Transportation and many municipalities.

Over the years, we have acquired leading edge expertise in areas where civil engineering work is required:

  • Energy (large-scale hydroelectric projects)
  • Municipal and Road Works (national, provincial, municipal and urban road systems)
  • Mining Operations (mining and industrial sites)
  • Concrete Production
  • Earthwork
  • Crushing
  • Drilling and Blasting
  • Transportation, Logistics and Transhipment

Our status as a family business, and hence the special dynamics that prevail within the business, means we take a very human approach in our dealings with clients. Clients are included as an integral part of the project and can as a result easily track the project as it progresses.

With our many specialties, we have the capacity to undertake highly complex projects, with guaranteed scheduling and quality of the work performed.

We operate two offices, one in Victoriaville (our head office) and one in Bécancour. Our operations are supported by two subsidiaries, Pavage Centre Sud du Québec in Thetford Mines, and Blais & Langlois in Matagami and Lebel-sur-Quévillon.

In Victoriaville, we also have an 818,000 square foot equipment yard along with a 14,000 square foot garage for equipment maintenance, while in Bécancour, we have a 704,000 square foot equipment yard. In addition, we have a 14,000 square foot garage and 90,000 square foot warehouse along with a rail line to the Canadian National system.

Our mission and our values

Perform top quality civil engineering work for national private and public sector clients.

We follow through by:

  • Delivering on our promise to meet contract obligations;
  • Communicating in a transparent manner;
  • Demonstrating our considerable integrity;
  • Performing the work with great care to ensure compliance with requirements, specifications and the client’s expectations;
  • Identifying any non-conformities and take appropriate corrective action;
  • Applying innovative processes;
  • Fostering a client-driven organizational culture;
  • Optimizing client services, assisting with the selection and application of our products, informing clients of our working methods, and providing the support required for problem-solving;
  • Making every effort to bolster team spirit;
  • Providing company personnel with appropriate training thereby ensuring everyone grasps how their individual tasks fit into overall operations;
  • Continuously improving the effectiveness of the ISO quality management system in place;
  • Fostering a culture of success within the organization.

Today, the services delivered by Les Excavations Marchand & fils, Pavage Centre Sud du Québec and Blais & Langlois include civil engineering work, mass excavation, cement concrete and asphalt production, quarries and sand pit operations, transhipment and warehousing of goods.